Craig's Report - February 20, 1997 - 2:30 PM

A Pretty Nice Day

It was snowing hard yesterday evening, but it must have petered out.during the night since there wasn't that much accumulation this morning. Still on the hill most things were filled in with new snow that was somewhat lighter than yesterday and the skiing was quite good. Even better they started opening things such as the Cedar and Lizard traverses from the T-Bar. When I trucked over to Fish Bowl from the T-Bar I was delighted to find no tracks whatsoever. It looked so pristine it seemed a shame to ski it, but of course I did. The snow certainly wasn't champagne powder and not all that deep, but still very nice. I also did a runs on Steep and Deep and Cedar Ridge which were very nice. The KC chutes and Sunnyside were also good, but there was still the odd slick spot that you had to watch out for.

In contrast I made the mistake of assuming that Kangaroo might be friendly with new snow, but in fact all the new snow did was hide the slick spots lurking between pointy moguls. Yuck!

Just before I left they were busy blasting above Easter bowl, so on spec I took a cruise over there. Lo and behold there was a pro patrol leading about half a dozen skiers up to the closure sign. Unfortunately after waiting about five minutes she got a call that it would be another ten or fifteen minutes before it would open. I am not an overly patient person and eyeing the stream of people headed our way conjured up visions of trekking up in a horde reminiscent of the Klondike gold rush, so I headed down and cut in below the closure area at the tower six road. Crossing below the delicious looking untracked snow of Easter made me question my impetuousness, but I ended up having a nice ride down undisturbed snow in the trees between the Windows Chutes. Not bad, but I bet it was sweet for the folks who waited.

It is 1 C at the house right now and generally cloudy, but the sun does peek out occasionally.

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