Craig's Report - February 16, 1997 - 1:30 PM

Beautiful Spring Skiing ... Grrrrr!

Too bad I am not that big a fan of spring skiing and too bad it is the middle of February. I must admit that I am perhaps a bit grumpy though. The rising temperatures and Friday afternoon rain conspired with the solid ice glacier on our eaves to produce a quick and damp lesson in shingle hydraulics. This meant yesterday was spent on ladders hacking channels in the ice and this did not particularly endear the warm weather to me. <g>

However even I can be seduced by a nice mogul run in hero slush and Sunnyside and other sun saturated slopes definitely fit the bill today. Of course the flip side is that shady areas were a bit cruddy up top and icy and treacherous farther down. Still those could be avoided, but not the crowds at the lifts. With an Alberta long weekend, various reading weeks etc., this is normally the busiest weekend of the year and it showed. So while there was some great spring slush to ski and lots of rays to catch, (it is a cloudless 8C at the house) I only stuck around for a couple of not so quick runs.

It was a good picture taking day though, so here is a shot of upper Cedar from the top of Bear,

and here is Snake Ridge from the bottom of Cedar Bowl. The Extreme Hazard area is at the right and the KC chutes are at the left. You can click on these images for larger versions if you wish.

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