Craig's Report - February 13, 1997 - 3:30 PM

Gone Fishing!

The run of the day for me was right along the boundary rope in Fish Bowl. Perhaps the snow was a little dense and maybe the slope is a little flat for real adrenaline thrills, but weaving in and out of the trees in the virgin boot high or better snow was very nice indeed.

It stopped snowing yesterday right after I wrote my report and did not start until this morning. There were flurries throughout the morning, but no significant accumulation. It does seem to have been snowing a little harder this afternoon though. There are still occasional wind gusts, but it seems much calmer than yesterday. Despite the temperature continuing to hover near 0C, the snow still seems fairly dry, if somewhat dense. I think the snow settled overnight and the denser snow actually does a better job of hiding the hard stuff underneath. I didn't ski the same terrain as yesterday though, so I had no direct comparison.

Where I did ski included Snake Main, which was also very nice. They still have ice closure signs on the KC chutes though, so I was forced me to bail to Cedar Main fairly early. The Easter trees were pretty good, but a little lumpier and more inconsistent than I had hoped for. Sunnyside still had an evil mix of hard and soft, although the less steep stuff to the skiers right seemed not too bad. Bear Chutes were also kind of nasty as you got down near the T-Bar traverse, again with a mixture of icy patches and dense snow. The few groomed runs I tried seemed pretty nice. All areas were open, except for the KC Chutes and Kangaroo.

Reading this over, I get the feeling it paints a somewhat more mediocre picture than was really the case. In fact the skiing was quite good, in places down right excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and ended up staying out a little longer than usual to savor it.

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