Craig's Report - February 9, 1997 - 4:30 PM

More of the Same

Mount Fernie from the top of the Meat Hook ->

No new snow means the firm conditions continue, although the sunshine is certainly pleasant. The top of Cedar Ridge is moguled but soft and pleasant. Farther down this degenerates into crusty crud or moguls with slick sections, depending on the traffic it has experienced. My first run down Sunnyside this afternoon was quite nice as the snow had been nicely softened by the sun. On a later run the sun had dipped below the ridge, but the snow still seemed soft until I dropped into a shady gully where it was quite crisp.

Boomerang was reported as nice, but after trying it I had to agree with my skiing companion that interesting was a more apt term. The mogul are quite big, definitely more pointy than I like and slick sections were plentiful. Perhaps the recommendation had been based on an earlier sunnier time of day.

Easter Bowl had fairly soft chopped stuff most of the way down, but as you approached Freeway a rain crust started to make its presence known. It did not seem like a propitious day for the window chutes. The groomed runs can be generally summed up as being too fast for my health. <g>

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