Craig's Report - February 6, 1997 - 5:00 PM

It is interesting to compare the two pictures below. The one on the left was show this afternoon, while the one on the right was shot on October 9th. Although fuzzy, you can just make out my bicycle for some sense of scale in the October picture while the seated snow boarder serves in today's picture.

A little bit of very light snow has fallen up top in the last day or so. This is so light it doesn't have much effect on the skiing, but is does make things look pretty. <g> Generally conditions are firm and even icy in a few spots, but it was actually pretty nice skiing nonetheless. Most areas carve well and the bright sunshine this afternoon was definitely nice.

As is common Cedar Ridge (shown at the right) seemed to have a little more of the new fluff. The experience was still more mogul skiing than powder skiing, but it was soft and carvable most of the way down. Just above the cat track, less skied parts were a little crusty, but not too bad. As you can see the season is progressing far enough into spring to bring a little afternoon sun to the ridge.

This shot taken in Fish Bowl near the boundary rope certainly looks the powder part and in fact it was only lightly tracked. However the snow was quite dense, almost crusty, and I only sank a few centimetres into it. It was quite skiable though and I had a pleasant run wandering down through here. By the time I got back out on Red Tree though it was legitimately crusty and while not really nasty, it did appreciate a nice smooth carve.

Other notes:

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