Craig's Report - February 1, 1997 - 7:30 PM

Whoops, a little late.

I did head out for some turns with Chris this morning, but I forgot all about the report until now. Possibly this was because there wasn't a lot to report. The aftermath of the wet snow and rain persists. Up top the snow was relatively soft and carvable, like some soft of stiff foam. Where it had been groomed or beaten into moguls it was pretty pleasant, but where it had just been cut up it gave a pretty rough ride. It wasn't icy, but it didn't move very easily either.

As you progressed down the hill it got firmer and firmer until about two thirds of the way down the Bear it was pretty icy. For instance Sunnyside wasn't too bad since virtually all of it was above the ice. Once below the rain line, even the groomed runs were crunchy with lots of little frozen balls to bounce around on.

It is currently about -3 C and although there was a light snow falling earlier this evening it seems to have stopped for now.

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