Craig's Report - January 28, 1997 - 2:30 PM

A few centimeters of new snow and more moderate temperatures (-12C this morning, -5C now), made for a much more pleasant days today. Not only were various appendages not freezing, but the warmer snow allowed your skis to run rather than feeling like they were papered with 100 grit sandpaper. There was occasional strong gusts of wind which would unload the snow laden trees making visibility temporarily zero, but other wise the weather was nearly ideal.

The Face Lift was closed, but I met some Calgary friends who persuaded me to hike up by the gun tower and over to Snake. Despite my grumbles, it was probably worth it as there were essentially no tracks in the top of Fish Bowl. Here Shelli

and Janice try it out on their alpine gear,

while Roger

and Brian do the telemark thing. Shortly afterwards Brian decides to check the snow pack,

using the gopher method. <g>

The snow was a little dense, but still quite pleasant. The trees beside Linda's Run and between the Window Chutes also provided rather tasty skiing. Sunnyside was rather scoured by the wind and while not hard or icy, it wasn't exactly smooth and silky either. The main part of Easter Bowl also had rather dense, somewhat wind packed, but still decent snow.

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