Craig's Report - January 24, 1997 - 2:30 PM

Deep (Gasp) Deep (Gasp) Powder!

What a great day! Superlatives just are sufficient to describe a day after 60 cm of powder falls. The image of the day for me was swooping down an untracked Cedar Ridge chute and having a freeze frame images of the approaching trees flick into my brain for a split second every couple seconds. Combined with the silky smoothness this produced a calming other worldly sensation. OTOH it might just have been the oxygen starvation as I tried to get my breathing coordinated with those occasional clear moments.

Everything but the Boom runs were closed in the morning and while I got four vintage runs right off the bat, the powder crazed hordes proved pretty efficient at turning the great powder in that limited terrain into moguls. After stopping for a quick deicing (did I mention it was -20C and windy) in the hopes of being thawed when Cedar Ridge opened, I was amazed by the destruction that had been inflicted by the time I returned. Fortunately Cedar Ridge did open and was epic. What else can I say?

I did take the camera this morning, but between the snow and the cold I knew from my first turn I wouldn't be using it, so instead I offer some more dull front yard pictures. Here our front deck appears to be in some danger of being overwhelmed.

While our neighbors whole house appears about to suffer a similar fate. Note the car in the lower right hand corner (the mirror is the give away).

It has stayed about -20 C all day and while it appeared to be clearing up earlier, it is once again snowing. In some ways this is a pity, since when it was clear you could see some pretty serious cornices on the ridges and it would have been nice if they could have flown the helicopter to knock them down.

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