Craig's Report - January 23, 1997 - 3:00 PM

The Return of Fernie Fantastic

It was one of those lovely Fernie powder days. Face shots and near free falling in great soft swoopy turns is a great way to start the day. It's hard to say anything bad about today, but I guess visibility in the bowls was not great. This is of course the result of the air being full of great volumes of falling snow, so who cares. Down low you could still feel the crunchies underneath, but I still got great face shots on the run out from the windows chutes to the Deer Trail and even managed a fairly effortless run down Kangaroo. Sunnyside was spectacular.

The top of Lizard Bowl beyond Arrow was closed as was the traverse from Bear into Cedar Bowl. The rest of Cedar Bowl and even Snake Ridge remained open until about 1:00 PM.. Easter Bowl remained open until I left, but access was limited to below the Tower 6 road. Very little of it had any tracks.

It is currently -7C and though the snow had tapered off for a while, it is once again snowing fairly hard here at the house.

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