Craig's Report - January 21, 1997 - 3:45 PM

Great Recovery

Sunday that R thing happened and yesterday morning it was crunchy, suggesting any shredding on the hill would be reminiscent of what cheddar experiences. This morning though it started to snow. A temperature of -2C and morning rain in town did not seem encouraging, but the snow continued and when I went out after lunch the upper mountain was just excellent. The snow was already over boot deep on the top a it was dumping big time. The snow was too heavy for the fluff title, but it was silky smooth and definitely light enough for me to call powder. Farther down it got a little heavier, but even at the base it still pretty nice. On the lower ungroomed areas the new snow was thinner and you could still feel the crunchies underneath and there were assorted snow lumps lying about. Still even here the skiing was decent, although it did require a certain attention to detail.

The groomed runs were, well not really groomed. The snow was accumulating and Fernie doesn't groom during the day. Where the snow was being pushed into lumps though, it remained soft and pushable. I had a sweet run just cruising out Dipsy in a few centimeters of new.

The temperature is still -2 C and it continues to snow heavily. I am far too battered by previous predictions to venture one for tomorrow, but one can always hope. <g>

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