Craig's Report - January 10, 1997 - 5:00 PM

It is colder today; about -7C when I hit the slopes this afternoon, and it has snowed lightly all day. In fact the accumulation of powder is now almost edge deep. <g> Conditions are much as they have been, with pretty good cruising on the groomed and some fairly heavy soft snow up top. The moguls I encountered were pretty nice and mainly soft with the odd hard spot. The Haul Back is slowly recovering from its suicide attempt and now has the cable back on, but I heard that they have not been able to get all the parts they need to have it open for this weekend. The Face Lift also continues to hibernate.

I took a walk over to Snake and did a run down in the Red Tree/Fish trees. The snow here was very good and even right at the bottom there was enough new snow on the rain crust to be pleasant. Although the traverse over was well trodden and quite quick, there were lots of places to make fresh tracks. Of course the down side was having to climb back out.

It wasn't an overwhelming day for pictures, but here is a shot looking up Cedar Bowl from Cedar Ridge.

and here is a shot looking straight down Snake Main. I should have taken a picture in the Fish trees, but somehow when I hit fresh snow the camera tends to get forgotten. <g>

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