Craig's Report - January 9, 1997 - 5:00 PM

Warm and Windy

It has been warm here the last couple of days (+3C at the moment) and quite windy up on the mountain. This isn't exactly the stuff that gets my ski juices flowing, but I went out for a quick reconnoiter this afternoon before picking my daughter up at the ski school. The Face Lift continues to be closed, apparently because they haven't had enough visibility to attack the cornices on the ridge. This usually requires flying a helicopter when the ski hill is closed, so I suppose the short days as well as the weather are a problem for them. The Haulback also continues to be dead.

Up high the snow is still fairly soft, but as you come down the effects of warmth and wind start to tell. It still carves, but is dense and grabby so when you set an edge you better be prepared to go that way, now. Things like Linda's Run are well mogulled and have their hard spots, but there is enough soft stuff lying around to make them fairly pleasant, if you like moguls. <g> The lower part of Linda's Run was actually groomed, which is something I don't recall seeing before. I'm not sure that I see the point unless it is for folks traversing over from the top of the Haulback.

The groomed runs were generally soft, carvable and I guess really quite nice although I saw a little more of them than I cared for while skiing with my five year old.

Yes, I know there have been no pictures for a while and I will try to remedy this in the next day or so.

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