Craig's Report - January 6, 1997 - 5:00 PM

Cruel Joke?

A freshly untracked King Fir awaits my scribble

I'm sure anyone who was here over the holidays will think this report is some sort of attempt at a cruel joke, but the truth is the powder is back. It snowed quite hard all day and by the time I went out after lunch the hill had improved enormously. The Haul Back was dead due to mechanical problems (T-bars lying on ground), so not many folks were heading into Cedar Bowl. Up top it was great, with over the boot light fluffy powder. In most places you could still feel the crust under the powder, but it was still very nice. Down near the Cedar Trail, the powder was not enough to fully cushion the lumps underneath, although still much improved. Similarly the top of the Bear Chutes was very nice, but down near the traverse to Bear it became rather tough as the powder masked the lumpy stuff.

By the time I cycled back to the top of the Bear for a run in the Cedar trees, the Cedar traverse was closed, but Easter was still open. This was sweet indeed and well worth the climb. No tracks in sight, face shots and cruising just in front of your own powder wave certainly help erase memories of the ugly stuff of last week.

It is continuing to snow fairly hard at about -5 C and if it continues through most of the night, then I would think just about all of last week's damage should be repaired

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