Craig's Report - January 5, 1997 - 3:00 PM

Holiday's End

Snake Ridge with Cedar Valley in the Background

With the kids going back to school tomorrow the holidays are nearly at their official end and with no new snow our friends decided to leave early rather than ski. The rest of the family was not interested in skiing today either, so it was with a resounding lack of enthusiasm that I did a couple of runs today.

It was a lot like yesterday except it was clear and sunny and a little bit colder up top. I did give Easter Bowl a try and found some quite nice snow. Since it was closed when wet, even the lower portions were not bad as they had not been tracked and now had a thin powder covering. I also heard that Snake was pretty nice, but did not feel like making the trek today. The extreme hazard area below the cliff band is badly broken. A big chunk of it slid and much of the remaining is fractured. It will take a whack of snow to fix it up.

The forecast is calling for snow tomorrow and single digit minus temperatures.

I have added some links to the bottom of the reports. If you haven't checked out the official pages and reports recently, they are worth a look. The report now has a daily picture and seems to be giving pretty accurate assessments of the conditions.

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