Craig's Report - January 3, 1997 - 5:00 PM


It was a family day of skiing, so I spent most of it on the lower slopes. These started out icy first thing in the morning, but improved rapidly as a steady stream of heavy flurries moved through. In the afternoon I managed to get a couple of runs into Cedar Bowl and conditions there were, uh, interesting. From the top down to around the top of the cat track the snow was pretty good, although quite heavy. Below that it degenerated into some truly terrible stuff that would give crud a bad name. At least it was soft enough to push around, so it was survivable. Here a friend practices his jump turns in the battle zone on lower Cedar Main.

It is supposed to get colder tomorrow, so the prospects for decent off trail skiing are pretty dependant on what snow fall we get. If it gets colder with no new, all that crud will freeze and skiing off groomed will be rather ill advised although groomed cruising might not be bad. Unfortunately it seems to have stopped at the moment and there are even a few clear spots.

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