Craig's Report - December 30, 1996 - 2:00 PM

Lot's of New Snow, But ...

The hill was reporting 34 cm of new this morning and this was reflected in the morning battle to clear the driveway as well as some snow managing to melt its way in around our chimney. This lead to a chimney clearing expedition and this picture of me making first tracks down my roof. <g> At this point it was still around -12C and I was more than anxious to get up on the slopes.

Virtually everything on the hill was closed except for lower runs, Bear and the Boomerang runs. Later in the morning they opened Cedar Ridge and this shot was taken not too long afterwards and it was already pretty well cut up. The snow was quite heavy and while pleasant for first tracks, once it was deflated it was like snowball material. This meant things like North Ridge and Bear quickly grew firm and fast little moguls that discouraged high speed cruising. After a month of just blowing through things, having snow that fights back is a shock.

The temperature continued to rise and is now around -5 C at the house, which would be fine if it weren't also raining. :-( On the hill it ranges from a sort of freezing rain near the bottom to wet snow up top. Very damp in any event and definitely not what you want to see falling on our lovely snow. This is probably all our fault. Not only did I tempt fate with my smug comments of yesterday, but we have friends coming to visit tomorrow who are certified rain gods. :-)

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