Craig's Report - December 29, 1996 - 3:30 PM

Just Another Dump

I fear this is getting repetitive, but it dumped all day today again as we were brushed by the big storm pummeling the US Northwest. I don't know how much fell, but it was lots and it provided more excellent skiing. As might be expected, there were numerous avalanche closures on the hill, including upper Lizard and upper Cedar. Lizard was closed beyond Arrow and above the Tower Six road, but strangely all of Easter was apparently open. The road into Cedar from the Boom chair was open, but if you went down Cedar Ridge, you would find that at least as far as Cruiser was open.

There were tasty turns pretty much everywhere, although things like North Ridge had lots of little bumps on them and I heard a couple of snowboarders complain about it being too bumpy. I found that even Kangaroo's snarly moguls are pretty well tamed by lots of soft snow. I again finished the day with a trip down the Window Chutes and once again it was absolutely great.

It continues to be nippy with temperatures around -18 C or so. The local weather forecast is predicting more snow overnight and tomorrow with a risk of freezing rain! This seems strange since they are predicting a high in Sparwood of only -14C. I realized after I put the weather link in yesterday, that it might be a little confusing to anyone not familiar with the local geography. Fernie is not mentioned, but we are in the Elk Valley which is the last forecast on the page. Sparwood is fairly close to us (about 30 km) and has similar weather although it might be a tad colder and gets quite a bit less snow.

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