Craig's Report - December 28, 1996 - 4:00 PM

Still Cold; Still Great

The temperature continues to hover in the minus 20 C range, but it did not snow this morning and they opened quite a bit of the hill. In particular they opened Snake just about the time I headed out after lunch and I got a couple of very tasty runs before my treacherous goggles iced over. I didn't even give them the excuse of a good head plant, but there were plenty of face shots that I guess would be the functional equivalent. More likely the sweat I worked up trekking over to Steep and Deep was to blame. Unfortunately the Face Lift remained closed, so the only options were up by the gun tower or the very long low traverse.

Once there the snow was well over the knees and deep enough to give you that skiing in, rather than on, the snow feeling. By the way Steep and Deep still has lots of alders, particularly near the bottom, but there are lots of routes through them.

It is now snowing lightly and the local weather forecast is predicting periods of snow tomorrow, but continuing cold.

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