Craig's Report - December 27, 1996 - 4:30 PM

So Good, It Must be Illegal!

Okay, I had a terrific last run, so the hyperbole might be running a little strong today. <g>

It was cold this morning (-20C) and I had some things to do like go to town for stuff. When I realized how much snow there was in the driveway and how hard it was snowing I knew I had to get on the slopes, but it wasn't until 1:00 o'clock that I actually made it up.

Even though much of the hill was closed due to avalanche hazard and therefore fairly well tracked, there was so much snow that nice deep turns were abundant. I heard the hill received 15 cm between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, so tracks were filling in fast. I had a particularly nice run in the Linda's Right Armpit (a name a reader supplied for the trees to the skier's right of Linda's run).

The real treasure though was my last run, courtesy of hints from a couple of Folks who Know. Since upper Lizard beyond Arrow was closed above the tower six road, it was not obvious that lower Easter below the bend in the road was open. It was and this allowed a lucky few to traverse over to Decline or better yet drop into the Windows Chutes like I did. Deep billowy powder (gasp, gasp), mainly untracked turns, skiing crouched under the overhanging branches and a run that really clicked definitely put a silly grin on my face. It just doesn't get a whole lot better.

The only picture I could scrape up today is yet another one of my poor Mazda. BTW this car has been cleared off a few times this winter, although not recently. This shot was taken about four o'clock and the ground around the car had been cleared just before noon. It also shows why we don't have to worry about closing the drapes in our bedroom anymore, since the window looks out over the garage. <g>

It has now pretty much stopped snowing, so maybe tomorrow some of that closed stuff will open. It should be tasty.

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