Craig's Report - December 25, 1996 - 2:30 PM

Merry Christmas and a Fluffy New Year to All!

It was still cool this morning, but crystal clear and sunny. By mid morning the thermometer had crawled up to about -15C, so I set out to brave the elements. It was just excellent, with lots of light fluffy snow and while cool, it was certainly tolerable. Even close in there was lots of loose snow and even some lines in the trees, but the real cream was over on Snake. The snow was of the delightful, effortless, stir your way down type and billowed up for face shots on almost every turn, but was not suffocating. Powder and sunshine; absolutely delightful! The only down side was the very slow low traverse over to Snake, but at least it helped to keep the toes warm.

Everywhere else I went was very good, with the possible exception of upper North Ridge which was just a bit crunchy. (This is exceedingly picky and only in comparison to the silky feel I found everywhere else I went.) Even the cruisers were very sweet.

Everything was open except for some reason the Face Lift. There is going to be some fine skiing open up when it does, although hardy soul have already been hiking up. Being intrinsically lazy I did not bother heading over for the hike up into Easter, but I heard both it and the out of bounds Currie Bowl were marvelous.

Twas a Merry Christmas indeed!

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