Craig's Report - December 22, 1996 - 2:00 PM

Nice Snow, Bloody Cold

Minus 20 C at the house, minus 26 C at the top, minus 40 (C or F) windchill. Hmmm. Still I layered myself up until I could reasonably pass for the Michelin man and headed out. It was cold. There was nice boot deep powder and while there were a few hardy souls on the hill, you had to be lucky to avoid riding the lifts alone. I was actually able to keep everything but my feet fairly warm, but when it is cold I feel stiff and fragile and so I just couldn't get into it.

It has been snowing fairly steadily all day and shows no sign of letting up. Needless to say the snow is dry and light.

Check for the next report when a warming trend hits. <g>

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