Craig's Report - December 20, 1996 - 1:00 PM

Powder Fix

I had to clear my driveway for the first time in a while so I was up at my locker for lift opening only to discover that I had forgotten my ski boots. :-( This isn't quite as bad as the fellow I knew who drove several hours for a canoe trip only to discover that he had forgotten to bring the canoe, but it was still pretty dumb.

The board at the Boom chair was reporting 12 new, but this translated into a nice silky powder that was boot high to knee deep in areas that had retained some soft. Here a fellow demonstrates on Boomerang.

The Face Lift and upper Cedar and Easter were all closed and there was a pretty industrious horde of folks working at chewing the slopes up. Although there were still no significant lift lines, it was apparent that the holiday season is beginning. Still bush beaters could still find the occasional untracked little chute late in the morning and the tracked stuff was quite agreeable. Where the new snow had been scrapped into piles on things like North Ridge, the old snow seemed almost icy, but I think this was just in contrast to the generally soft conditions.

It is currently cloudy and -5 C with just the odd snow flake falling but the radio was reporting snow for tomorrow. The picture at left is just a quick shot of Bear Chutes from the Boom chair.

Tomorrow is my son's birthday and birthday party so I'm afraid I will not skiing or posting a report. In fact they might be a little spotty during the holidays in general.

Happy Holidays and good skiing.

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