Craig's Report - December 19, 1996 - 5:00 PM


I got out for a few runs around noon today, but only just got time to write the report. There was no significant new snow overnight, so the light snow that fell all day was a welcome sign that relief might be on the way for my incipient powder pangs. In exposed areas of Cedar, the surface looked soft and inviting, but in fact there was a crust layer with only a couple of centimeters of fluff on it. The crust, which I assume was wind pack, was think enough to support your weight, but it certainly made conditions faster than they looked. There was still soft stuff around in places, but you learned to be careful about making assumptions.

The Boomerang and Sunnyside moguls were very carvable and still generally well shaped and the cruisers were still very good although getting a little firmer in some spots.

Overall the conditions were very good. maybe even excellent, although not spectacular. Still I had a great few runs and the falling snow definitely looked promising. The temperature is a little milder (-10C) but still well in the powder zone. Unfortunately while I was writing this the snow fall stopped. Hopefully this is a temporary condition.

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