Craig's Report - December 16, 1996 - 5:00 PM

Bright with a little Fluff

Various chores, a Christmas shopping trip (shopping is not a Fernie strong point) and mild apathy due to the lack of fresh dumps kept me off of the slopes for the weekend. It snowed hard for a short time last evening, but although I heard the drive back to Calgary was less than pleasant, there was no need to clear the driveway this morning. This and our endless house renovation kept me indoors until late afternoon despite a beautiful day. This turned out to be a mistake as there was ankle deep fluffy powder all over the hill. There was still lots available even in the late afternoon, but I only had time for a couple of quick runs before picking up my 5 year old daughter from her ski lesson.

Both of today's pictures were taken this morning from my porch, albeit somewhat zoomed. The one at the right is Griz Peak with Bear below it and the left one is Lizard Bowl. As suggested by a reader I have made higher resolution versions available by clicking on the pictures. I won't be doing this often and probably won't remember to mention it when I do, but if your browser identifies a picture as having a link, that's what it will be.

The big news this afternoon was that they finally opened the face lift. I only had a chance for one ride, but certainly enjoyed being able to traverse high into Easter. The snow up top was light and fluffy. at least in the trees, but not much deeper than the stuff down below. Still it was great to see it open, although I guess it means I won't be getting quite as much exercise. <g>

Mogul and groomed runs held a great edge and were generally real hero stuff, although I noticed that Kangaroo has finally sprouted a hazard sign.

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