Craig's Report - December 11, 1996 - 3:00 PM

Yet Another Fine Day

I was playing tour guide today for a friend from Calgary and we were treated to some decidedly decent skiing. The hill reported 29 cm of snow in the last 24 hours and indeed there were lots of fresh tracks to be made today. The snow was fairly dense, so you only sank in about boot deep, but it still cut some pretty nice turns. Early on the fairly flat light and a bit of wind pack made the open areas a bit challenging, but once the light improved even these seemed pretty pleasant.

Here 'Mikey' samples a little fresh stuff in Cedar Bowl.

The Face lift was still closed this morning although there are rumors of it opening shortly. The Cedar high traverse from the gun tower was open, but we weaseled out and just took the low traverse to Snake. Snake Main looked (at left) looked tempting indeed, but we pressed on and found some pretty fine turns on the far side of Red Tree.

We also sampled Cedar Ridge, King Fir, Bear Chutes and the bottom of Linda's and found all very tasty with Easter Bowl and the Windows Chutes providing a particularly good dessert.

At the moment it is -2C at the house and partially cloudy but not snowing as I await tomorrow's snow freshener. (What me getting jaded? <g>)

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