Craig's Report - December 10, 1996 - 4:15 PM


Today was rest day, so I didn't go skiing and didn't intend to have a report. However I heard from the ski hill that they were a little miffed at my reporting it rained yesterday when in fact it did no such thing. I was confused by this until I looked at yesterdays report and realized I should be careful with my wording and timing. I wrote the report about noon yesterday, so the afternoon and evening rain I reported was from the day before, Sunday. Hey, I never claimed to be accurate, but my apologies to anyone I mislead. <g>

So with the mea culpas out of the way I might as well add that it has snowed most of the day today and is still snowing at 4:15 pm with the temperature at a very desirable -6 C down here at the house. Tomorrow looks like it will be another good one.

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