Craig's Report - December 9, 1996

Not too bad

considering that it rained at the house all afternoon and evening. Fortunately the rain switched to snow about half way up the Quad chair, so things on top were pretty soft although not exactly powder. As this shot from the top of Arrow shows, the snow was somewhat settled and stiff. It was a little bit like skiing in low density styrofoam. It wasn't particularly grabby as long as you did everything right, but it wasn't exactly relaxed skiing either.

These rather battered trees in Lizard can attest to the wisdom of yesterdays closures. This was a pretty big slide with debris running down to the bench at the bottom of Arrow.

The skier traffic was very light and after 11:00 am I was still able to cut first tracks down Cedar Ridge right off of the Boom chair. The snow was pretty pleasant if a little dense up top but became progressively stiffer and more crust like as you proceeded down. I didn't ski Boomerang, but it appeared the snow under the chair where it had been well skied yesterday was perhaps less set up than other spots. Cruising on the groomed runs was great with excellent grip except for some crusty corduroy down near the day lodge.

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