Craig's Report - December 8, 1996

Some Good News and some Oh So Bad News

The good news was that there was a pretty fair size dump last night with something like 25 cm up on the hill. This pretty well red lined the avalanche hazard, so the only things open this morning were the Boomerang runs and Cedar Ridge, with everything on the skiers right of the Bear T-Bar being closed. The snow was quite heavy and while some nice soft turns were possible, it did not brook any mistakes. Get a tip down and a sudden demonstration of the China Syndrome was your certain reward. The weekend crew was pretty efficient about getting the limited terrain cut up and the cut heavy snow was, I found, pretty tiring and certainly not as pleasant as what we have been used to this last week. Surprisingly once the stuff was pushed into moguls, the skiing actually seemed to get easier.

The bad news? As I write this in the mid afternoon the heavy snow fall has turned to rain at the base. :-( It is hard to tell from here where the freezing line might be, but hopefully it is not too far above the house. I guess tomorrow will tell the story. Oh well, I kind of needed a rest anyway. <Serious, if faulty rationalization>

I took the camera and I thought I bagged some shots of the powder pup (my son Davin) on King Fir, but I apparently screwed up and so today's pictures are from the bottom showing the overall quantity of snow. Here one might creditably argue that you never saw any stop sign.

While poor Mr Mazda doesn't get out much any more.

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