Craig's Report - December 7, 1996

When we went to bed last night it was snowing hard, but this morning it looked like it might clear up. Instead it degenerated into a cloudy day, but so far no new snow although I think more is expected tonight. Still the hill was reporting 17 cm new and despite the eager weekend army of powder choppers, there were lots of nice turns out there and lift lines were minimal.

Here my neighbor Isabelle finds a little powder on the upper part of Cedar Main and then tries out the moguls on the lower part. BTW Isabelle and Jim are the long suffering neighbors whose house frequently appears in these reports.

A little while later I found myself up in Easter bowl where lots of soft stuff awaited my not so gentle touch. If you weren't here to enjoy it, I'm afraid the run down from here was even better than it looks with mainly untracked face shot powder. :-)

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