Craig's Report - December 5, 1996

The storm that closed schools around Spokane must have just grazed us and the hill was only reporting 12 new cm this morning. There was also some wind which created a really soft 2 cm wind slab on some exposed areas, but it was so soft that I didn't find it an impediment at all. The snow was just a little denser and less forgiving than it was earlier in the week, but it still billowed up when you skied through it and could legitimately be called powder. All my usual haunts were excellent with lots of untracked and the occasional face shot.

In the morning it looked like it was going to clear up, so I took the camera with me. Unfortunately for picture taking, it soon socked in and began to snow, but hey, who am I to complain. <g> At 1:00 pm it is still snowing fairly hard at about -2c or -3 C.

Before it socked in too badly I did grab some shots on Cedar ridge. Here is a shot looking back up at a recently defiled little chute.

While here some nice untracked awaits its fate in one of the larger chutes.

But a few folks have cut in lower and cut some tracks. All three of these pictures were taken from the same place as I swiveled around counter clockwise.

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