Craig's Report - December 3, 1996

Powder Pig Heaven

In what is bound to be memorable as one of FSVs best opening weeks, the conditions just keep getting better, at least as long as you like soft snow. They were reporting something like another 28 cm new this morning with a week total of 110. It was slightly cooler last night so the snow was light and tasty. For those who were willing to get off of the beaten track there were lots of freshies available and face shots were numerous. These weren't the gasp for air type of face shots of the real mondo powder days, but just a little nose powdering to freshen you up and slake your thirst. In an impromptu locker room discussion afterwards another fellow and I concluded this was damn near perfect and while the choke on the powder runs certainly have novelty value, for all round skiing pleasure, just having it burbling around your chest with the odd splash in the face is hard to beat.

Everything was good except the moguls on Kangaroo are starting to get rather elephantine. Upper Cedar was open after being closed for the last day and a half and I lucked into an untracked first shot down that nice little pitch right at the top of the T Bar. Other places I went that were great included Cedar Ridge, some of the side chutes on Lindas run, Bear Chutes and truly great run in the trees in Lizard of all places. Sunnyside was merely terrific having a few too many tracks for a jaded morning. Once again I finished off by climbing into Easter. This time I bypassed the center and found one of my favorite chutes on the right unskied. This was truly fine skiing. Near the bottom I encountered some tracks, but only had the share the right window chute with a single snowboard track.

I guess you could say I had a good morning. :-)

BTW, I suspect folks that don't like powder might not have enjoyed it so much. The only thing I saw groomed was part of Elk and even there skiers had powder churning around their knees if they got off of the central portion.. (That doesn't mean there wasn't other groomed runs though, just I didn't see them.) It appeared that most of the grooming may have been occurred before the bulk of the snow hit.

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