Craig's Report - December 2, 1996

Once again the house only received a skiff of snow overnight. This time the hill was reporting about 10 cm for the previous 24 hours, but somehow that translated into boot top or deeper off trail. My first run down Cedar Ridge was so nice I considered calling it a day so as to leave with a pleasant glow. The second run was better. :-)

Bear Chutes and Lizard were also very nice while Kangaroo and parts of Sunnyside were a little firmer. I'm going to be spoiled for normal skiing when this snow fest ends since very good above included much untracked and occasional face shots while firmer meant that there were places where the soft carvable base wasn't actually covered with a nice cushiony layer of powder.

To top it off I climbed up into Cedar Bowl for my last run. Although there was a well worn boot track up, everyone apparently was headed for Decline etc. and there were no tracks down the center of Easter. I was thus treated to a nice long run in boot top to knee deep powder where for the most part there were no tracks in sight. This can generate a serious grin!

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