Craig's Report - December 1, 1996

Life Is Good :-)

The early season snow orgy is continuing and we are all hoping it is an omen for the season. Last evening's snow petered out early and didn't leave more than a few centimeters at the house, but they reported 18 up on the hill as the 24 hour total for the morning, Although the boy child and I didn't get out until late morning the conditions were still outstanding and what's more it started to snow heavily. Most of the terrain off of Cedar Ridge was well tracked, but there were still lots of undisturbed spots for fluffy turns. Linda's run was similar with large soft moguls in the main part but lots of soft stuff, much of it untracked, in the trees. Even Kangaroo continued to be sweet. If the season continues like this I may even grow to like that run. <g> Easter Bowl was well worth the short climb and had particularly nice conditions with lots of soft snow and the occasional face shot.

The face lift and the Cedar high traverse remained closed and in the afternoon they closed upper Cedar bowl as well, although Cedar Ridge remained open.

High traffic runs like North Ridge had grown lots of little moguls and I found the snow a bit grabby, while Davin, who considers snow that generates any sound from his skis to be ice, pronounced it to be barely skiable. <g> In fact it was quite decent, but I am getting embarrassed about not reporting any negatives. ;-)

As I write this just after 4:00 pm, it is snowily lightly but steadily and is just below freezing at the house. Tomorrow looks to be yet another great day.

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