Craig's Report - November 28, 1996

Snowball Special

It started to snow heavily last night and this morning found about 15 cm worth in the driveway. Unfortunately it was better suited to the World Snowball Finals than Powder Eights, but it might be lighter up top. I haven't talked with anyone who has been up in the last couple of days, so it is hard to guess what the situation will be for tomorrow's opening. I think you can count on lots of snow though. Slope control might be a problem and it would not be surprising if most of Cedar and Lizard could not be opened due to the slide hazard.

At the moment (11:30 a.m.) it is hovering around the freezing mark and snowing heavily.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to write me about including pictures. With one exception, the overwhelming preference was to have the pictures, even if they are just quick snaps out of the window. Several people did make the point that they would rather have a text only report if laziness about taking the picture meant I would skip the whole report. So as sloth permits I will include pictures in the reports, even if they are not particularly exciting. For variety, todays picture is of my backyard, rather than the front. The picnic tables in the background give some idea of the settled pack here at the house.

Finally, it occurred to me that it would be trivial for me to set up a mailing list for at least the text portion of these reports so you could receive them by email. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will look into setting it up.

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