Craig's Report - November 23, 1996

Opening Day - Sort Of

Although the real opening is not until next Friday, the ski area decided to tease us by running the Deer and Mitey Moose beginner lifts this Saturday and Sunday. It was a chilly -20C or so this morning, so although it meant missing all those first tracks in Meadow <g>, we did not head out until after lunch when we did the family thing. It was great to make some turns without having to climb, but with the available terrain the skiing was hardly intense. This picture of my wife trying to initiate our daughter Tara (5) while our impatient son Davin (8) looks on gives you the idea.

Still there was plenty of snow and here Davin gets to give it a try. Not bad for the lower mountain!

Although it seemed a shame that the rest of the hill was not open, there probably was no way they could have been ready in time. The cafeteria was not even open today, which led to some chaos in Little Italy, the new Italian restaurant. Also some serious grooming will be required up top before it is ready for general consumption. If the weather holds though next Friday should be great.

Just to complete the family theme, we arrived home to find a family of three moose dining on our shrubbery. Here the mama tries out our crabapple tree while one calf samples our flower garden. The other calf was around the side of the house helping himself to our raspberry plants. The mother, who is kind of the village moose and usually presents us with new twins each spring, is normally a welcome visitor, but snarfing our crabapple tree is downright rude. <g> Fortunately a little yelling and jumping up and down convinced them to dine else where.

Sorry for using your bandwidth on non ski stuff, but I will justify it because mama has been known to startle the odd skier. <g>

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