Craig's Report - November 18, 1996

A Dump

If anyone should doubt how quickly conditions in Fernie can change, compare this picture of my daughter Tara in front of our Mazda snow meter to the ones of last week. Thirty six hours before this picture there was essentially no snow in our yard and now it is powder heaven. The temperature remains an almost ideal -14C so the snow is light and lovely. I received third hand reports of 50 cm of fluff up on the mountain yesterday and that must have at least doubled by now. If the lifts were open it would be a memorable day indeed.

The weather forcast was for only flurries today and indeed it cleared off briefly, but as I write this just before 11:00 am it is snowing hard again. :-)

The school buses were not running this morning (rare for Fernie) so we had to drive our kids to school. This picture is taken from our van looking straight down main street and the snow bank is in the middle of the road. This is done so the snow can be loaded into trucks and removed, but it makes crossing the street interesting for pedestrians.

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