Craig's Report - November 15, 1996

Sort of White Again

First my apologies for the incorrect date on my last report. The window title was correct, but the title in the report said November 7th rather than the 11th.

Someone sent me some email this morning saying that it was cold and wintry in Calgary and surely it must be snowing here. Actually it rained at the base yesterday, but the snow line did fall progressively through the day. I took a little walk up to the Bear's den yesterday afternoon and the rain switched to snow just a couple of hundred feet above the lodge. There was reasonable coverage on the top half of Elk and up. At the Bear's den there was about 5 cm of heavy wet snow over a breaking rain crust. On the way up I occasionally wished for my skis as I broke through the crust, but it wouldn't have been a pleasant ride down. Coverage at the base area was nil, and I would swear some of the grass looked green to me.

This shot taken was taken from the Bear's Den looking towards China Wall and Freeway yesterday afternoon.

By yesterday evening it was snowing lightly at the house and this morning we were treated to a few centimetres of snow. Farther up the mountain the trees were quite white; which is always a good sign. <g> Despite the thin coverage at the bottom, most of the hill is still in pretty good shape despite the rain. One or two dumps are all it would take to get everything ready to go, but an opening date of next Friday now seems highly unlikely. The 29th is now the most likely candidate.

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