Craig's Report - November 11, 1996

Arrrgh - Melt Down!!!

Gee, you go away for a couple of days and the place falls apart. When we left last week for a shopping trip to Calgary, it was looking great. However the Fernie Curse apparently arrived on Friday and the rain really did a number on the snow around the base area as this picture looking up Elk from the bottom of the Deer Chair shows.

It is pretty hard to tell just how high the rain went, but my guess is pretty high. There still seems to be lots of snow up there, but the way these three were warily picking their way down Bear didn't exactly suggest snorkel gear. If the image isn't all that clear, it is because it was taken hand held at 100 to 1 zoom from the base area. I was so amazed you could see anything at all I just had to include it. <g>

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