Craig's Report - November 7, 1996

Good week for snow!!

Lot's of snow this week and if the weather holds it should be a great start to the season. A neighbor of mine hiked up yesterday and she reported the snow up top was deep and light. I guess below the bottom of Bear you could feel the crust under the new snow, but you can ski to the bottom.

The current rumour is that the lifts will open November 22 and while Heiko wouldn't confirm this when I ran into him this morning, he was smiling a lot.

The only pictures I can offer today are quick snaps of the hill taken this morning from my house. The first does show that it is already pretty wintery even down here in the village and the second shows the upper mountain with Bear at the right and part of Lizard on the left. I took this through the window while sitting at my computer.

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