Craig's Report - October 30, 1996

A Month to go - or less?

It was a gorgeous day today and to get a little exercise I took a walk part way up the mountain and grabbed some pictures. The upper bowls are looking very nice; for example:

Lizard Bowl from the bottom of Sunny Side

The snow at this level had a very firm crust and would generally support me walking without skis. Farther up I'm sure it was softer, but it all looked rather nice. Even Bear had good coverage:

Bear from just above the bottom of the T-Bar

A nice thing about walking around in fall snow is all of the tracks you run into: rabbits, squirrels, deer, elk, moose, bears, snowmobiles, skiers and boarders. It seemed like everything had been out in the snow. The griz tracks right in the village were a little disconcerting though. Bears are common here, but a griz near your house definitely gets your attention. About time to bed down Yogi. <g>

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