Craig's Report - October 9, 1996

No Snow, but Nice Fall

It is hard to believe that the ski season is getting nearer. It has been warm and sunny for the last week or so and all of the snow has disappeared from the peaks. This makes for great biking and hiking weather and won't have any impact on when we actually get on our boards, so it is a most welcome change from the normal fall rains. Hopefully in a couple of weeks there will be a dramatic change so that we might see an early opening. Well it doesn't hurt to hope. :-)

For those of you who have skied here in the winter, but not been up top in the summer, here is a fuzzy picture from my camcorder which give some idea of how much snow you were standing on when checking out the trail map at the top of bear. For a sense of scale note my bike leaning against the pole at the bottom. (Has helmet on bars)

If you haven't checked out the main FSV page yet this fall, please do and in particular the What's New sections.

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