Craig's Report - September 8, 1996

At Least it feels like fall.

Nope, there is no snow yet, but it does feel like fall. The web site has been redone and moved to a new address. It now resides on my home site on a computer in my house where updates and control will be easier, but the drawback is that my site is connected to the net by a thin 28.8 K pipe. I would be interested to hear from people who experience any difficulties with the site. Check out the annotated trail maps (the trail maps now have hot spot regions which link to short comments I have made about the run or area under the cursor), the semi official What's New page and the Fernie Talk - Discussion Page.

The ski company now has its own page at Some of the information my site has provided is now available there, but I think there is still value in the somewhat different perspective that an independent brings. Check it out and let me know what you think on either the discussion page or by email.

In the local paper this week there is a report that the cat skiing in Timber and Currie bowls is going to run $25 a run or $50 for a half day. There will be no guides and it will still be officially out of bounds, but will be patrolled for the cat skiers. Hmmm, does that mean if you auger in after hiking over the notch they just leave you there?

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