Fernie Alpine Resort Archive

For most of my adult life I was rather obsessed with skiing and from 1989 until 2016 we had a home on the Fernie Alpine Resort ski hill in the beautiful British Columbia rockies. This is where we raised our kids, skied a lot and from the early 1990s, hosted a web page about the ski resort that included frequent, very unofficial, ski reports.

However after a quarter of a century of obsession, I found my skiing lust waning. The runs seemed shorter, the lift rides longer and my feet colder. Even worse, the exhilaration of swooshing through thigh deep untracked had degenerated to "yeah, this is kind of nice". If you are no longer into skiing, living on a ski hill doesn't make much sense, so in the summer of 2016, we decamped to the balmier, by Canadian standards, climes of Vancouver Island, rendering this page obsolete.

However nostalgia and my packrat nature have pushed me to at least keep an archive of my old trail descriptsions and most of those old reports. Reports before 1996 weren't retained and many reports from later years were contributed by friends.