Our Old Home Sweet Home
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A shot down the main street of Fernie towards the Lizard Range and the ski hill.
(from an ancient ski hill brochure)

Our Old Home Sweet Home

Fernie is a small town (pop 5000) located in the South Eastern corner of British Columbia. It is nestled in middle of the Elk Valley which runs roughly north south through the Canadian Rockies. Part of the Western side of the valley is made up by the Lizard range and on this range is the Fernie Alpine Resort ski resort.

At the base of the ski resort is a subdivision called Timberline Village which is where we lived until 2016. Although there are a few folks who live there full time, the majority of the homes are rented out as ski chalets. Some of these are pretty fancy, but our abode was more modest, although still pretty comfortable with a nice front yard and forest behind for an in the bush sort of feel.

Although Fernie was a mining town and the major economic driving force still comes from the mines further up the Elk Valley in Sparwood and Elkford, it has become known for fine powder skiing and great terrain. People are often surprised when I say I actually preferred the summer. There seemed to be endless opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, dirt biking, swimming, rafting and kayaking and fishing to name a few. I don't golf, but I have been told that the local golf course is also pretty decent.

BTW the picture to the left is definitely the kind of skiing I used to love, but that is not me. It is just picture from an old ski hill brochure.

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