Alph - A Little Process Helper

Alph is a chemical engineering process calculator for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad based on the world class thermodynamic and physical properties calculations of VMGThermo *.

Tower Profiles on iPad

Phase Envelope on iPad

Case Study (iPad)

Heat Exchanger Balance Model with Context Menu (iPad)

Information Flow Diagram on iPhone

A Different Way to do Process Design

Alph not only introduces a professional process design tool to the mobile computing world, it also introduces a novel approach to these problems that emphasizes flexibility and rewards innovative thinking.

Alph is not a traditional process simulator, but rather a sophisticated calculator that eschews the classic stream and unit operation model in favour of an information flow model that uses powerful, but simple, spreadsheet like formulas to define the relationships between fluids and powerful tools like distillation towers, phase envelopes and multivariable equation solvers.

Rather than an equipment oriented PFD, Alph is centered on a mind map like diagram called an IFD (Information Flow Diagram). This clearly shows where each entity in the problem obtains its inputs and where its calculated values are used in other objects. Thus Alph focuses on the information you have and how it is used to obtain the results you need. In the hands of an innovative engineer this can lead to truly elegant solutions to difficult problems.

Alph runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad, so your single purchase covers all of your IOS devices. If a new approach to process engineering problem solving on a mobile platform appeals to you, please look over Alph's features, the tutorials and of course the options available in the store right in Alph. The in application manual is also available.